Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Coming to a Close Quickly

Happy New Year 2015

We wish you & yours Health & Prosperity

We're watching the Conservative Campaign's New Years Eve Party til 11p eastern

Having a great time chit chatting with people about what we're watching

Having a Safe Holiday sipping on drinks nibbling on munchies & just celebrating life

#Celebrate #Safely #EnjoyTheParty at #Home

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days Until Christmas Morning

This was posted on Facebook by Christmas CountDown
I thought it was a funny picture in the "weird sort of way" funny
Santa & an Elf snowboarding down the hill while an Alien Spaceship is overhead?

It made me wonder had they seen an old movie I watched as a child...
I do not recall the name of the movie at this moment;
but the plot was that Purple Martians kidnap Santa then Elves & Children save Santa & Christmas

Times were so much simpler back in those days for both Parents & Children
Our taxes were lower, our money worth more & although we didn't have technology like we do now it seems that back in those days families & friends were more connected with the people around them both at work & around the neighborhood.

Let's Live in the Christmas Spirit these last few days of 2014
There are families & single people who are in need of an act of Kindness...

Can you set an extra place at your holiday table for a senior or single who might not have a family table to go to this holiday season?

Do you know a family that is working & "over income" for any of the charity programs that might help pay the electric, heat or oil that maybe you can slip them a gift card for a tank of gas?

Is there a family that is on hard times that could use some help with the yard work or some repairs that your family could go over & spend a few hours helping them?

There are so many people who are lonely & in need of Simple Kindness
Let's All Do Our Part so that #LoveWins


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