Thursday, April 30, 2015

EVERY Bus Goes to Hartford- What's the Point? Chasze Green-Fastrak Launc...

Much Fanfare & Hype was made in promoting the mismanaged transportation tax dollars that was spent in "building" the project affectionately called the "BusWay to NoWhere".

To help jumpstart the ridership the launch week was a "Free Ride for Everyone" & of course all of the news stations had their reporters taking the buses to assist in the promotions. 

Where there are cameras there have also been known to appear some elected officials... who of course want to justify the money spent...
You know; to dig up a historical old cemetery for the buses to ride through & turn our historical landscapes into very poor imitations of Any Big City USA. 

Sadly CT suffers from Big City Envy instead of celebrating it's historical richness & boosting Tourism... but that is a whole other post for another day

With FREE RIDES being offered all Launch Week you would think that all of the buses would be filled with thrilled happy riders as the politicians said they would be...

Well problem with the politicians & the people who were getting rich on the BusWay to NoWhere project is that none of them RIDE the buses to begin with!
They do not understand what it's like to wait for a bus in the bitter cold with 2 children to know where & when to make the routes!
They do not have the slightest clue of where people want to go nor the times that people want to travel to those places... 
Why because they do not live among us. 
They drive fancy expensive cars to their offices not ride the buses with us so they do not care about what WE The People Need or Want!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Talking tax hikes at state capitol = Bad News for Our Families

Like crack addicted fiends the democrats can't get enough of our hard earned money fast enough to satisfy their addiction to spending money on crazy wasteful projects designed to make their corporate friends richer.

Ever notice that our career democrat politicians never once suggest cutting their own salaries, in fact quite the opposite is true they give themselves raises & perks. 
Our state is in deep debt & the governor gives raises to his favorite friends as a reward for helping him & crew get back into office. 

CT is on the verge of bankruptcy & the democrats go shopping for additional wasteful projects to try to justify borrowing more money to get us in more debt which of course means more taxes on our families.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stadium tax plan has lawmakers crying "foul ball"

Again the Tax & Spend Democrats in Hartford have once more figured out how to make their Billionaire Friends even richer at the expense of hardworking taxpayers...

While school children in Hartford have failing schools & several buildings in need of repairs & upgrades that the city officials can't find the money to correct, they have time & money to give special deals for the baseball corporation to get corporate welfare handouts? 
With all of the extra expenses who is going to attend these baseball games with it's added taxes?

#YouHaveAChoice the Tax & Spend #StatusQuo or a #FreshNewStart #TheChoiceIsYours

Democrat Rep.: "Have you looked at euthanasia?"

The democrat party is the party of death and destruction... How can a person that is claiming Christ remain in the current democrat party ...