Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Coming to a Close Quickly

Happy New Year 2015

We wish you & yours Health & Prosperity

We're watching the Conservative Campaign's New Years Eve Party til 11p eastern

Having a great time chit chatting with people about what we're watching

Having a Safe Holiday sipping on drinks nibbling on munchies & just celebrating life

#Celebrate #Safely #EnjoyTheParty at #Home

Monday, December 15, 2014

10 Days Until Christmas Morning

This was posted on Facebook by Christmas CountDown
I thought it was a funny picture in the "weird sort of way" funny
Santa & an Elf snowboarding down the hill while an Alien Spaceship is overhead?

It made me wonder had they seen an old movie I watched as a child...
I do not recall the name of the movie at this moment;
but the plot was that Purple Martians kidnap Santa then Elves & Children save Santa & Christmas

Times were so much simpler back in those days for both Parents & Children
Our taxes were lower, our money worth more & although we didn't have technology like we do now it seems that back in those days families & friends were more connected with the people around them both at work & around the neighborhood.

Let's Live in the Christmas Spirit these last few days of 2014
There are families & single people who are in need of an act of Kindness...

Can you set an extra place at your holiday table for a senior or single who might not have a family table to go to this holiday season?

Do you know a family that is working & "over income" for any of the charity programs that might help pay the electric, heat or oil that maybe you can slip them a gift card for a tank of gas?

Is there a family that is on hard times that could use some help with the yard work or some repairs that your family could go over & spend a few hours helping them?

There are so many people who are lonely & in need of Simple Kindness
Let's All Do Our Part so that #LoveWins


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Still More Election Troubles in CT 2014

All eyes have been on the messiness in the Hartford Registrar of Voters office...

What is not being reported in the news are the other city & towns where there are "questionable goings on"

Latest noted trouble is being reported on facebook by candidate Len Suzio

Ask questions people & report anything that you saw that wasn't quite right on election day

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

There's only a few days before we go to the voting booth
#YouHaveAChoice You can choose the status quo that we've had for the past 20 years
Or you can choose a #FreshNewStart & Vote for Theresa Tillett

Are you happy with the downward direction of our state?
If you want to see positive movement then you need to chose a different direction.
Theresa Tillett has different ideas for our state
Theresa Tillett wants to make CT a better place for all families.

The choice is yours #YourVoteIsYourVoice #ChoseWisely

Happy Halloween

Enjoy this halloween cartoon created & submitted by a friend

Monday, October 6, 2014

Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic)

This is a political ad from the 2012 election cycle that was brought to my attention
This year the ads in CT have been a year of Nasty Attacks which people are getting sick & tired of.
What people want is to hear & see what do we candidates plan to do to get our state back on track
Where do we candidates stand on the issues

We candidates need to be able to contrast ourselves from our opponents with out attacking & name calling. Stick to the RECORD, stick to any Plans Proposed but leave the family dirty laundry out of the debates when trying to get the people's votes.

Being nasty or digging up dirt about personal family members that has nothing to do with the job of being an elected official - divorces are never pleasant & to drag out what happened years ago although available for public record is wrong & only hurts the innocent children who have to relive a horrific time in their family's life

Let's ALL Pledge Republican, Independent & Democrat as Candidates this year to Run On The Records or Plans & Stop the Attacks that hurt the children in debates & ads & social media

Sunday, October 5, 2014

#CTPolitics - Are you Paying Attention? #2ndDistrict

As I'm going around the 2nd District I am amazed at how many young people are not paying any attention to what is going on in our cities & towns.

Most of those who aren't paying attention have never attended a single Public Meeting at the Town Hall
About 1/3rd of those I've spoken to weren't registered to vote but were actually able to get registered

The majority of those who are registered to vote they only vote for the Presidential elections...
I confess when I was young & single & a renter I did fall into the category of voting only in the "big elections"
I went out to vote for president & if I remembered I went out to vote for the governor but the rest of the time not so much time & energy was paid to make that effort

I know that until we became homeowners that I had never gone out to vote on the budget

It can be discouraging to see & hear so many young people that are disengaged in our political process
I did give a couple of the young people the mail in form to get registered to vote
I hope that they will get out the vote this year

When we fail to Vote we Lose Our Voice in what is happening
So I hope that as we are in the last few weeks prior to elections you will get active in paying attention to the events
Get educated on the issues & #GOTV Get Out The Vote

#CT #YouHaveAChoice you can chose the status quo or you can become part of the #CTComeBack
Chose to go in a #NewDirection & vote for a #FreshNewStart

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Common Core - who do you believe CT?

 Listen to what they are saying & ask yourself does this make sense & who do you really believe those who are profiting from this or those who are directly being affected by this?

Think I'll believe the parents & students & teachers & professionals who aren't being paid to promote the program; I suggest that you start paying attention & start asking questions.
Dr Sandra Stotsky has come to CT on several occasions to warn CT parents against & about Common Core, as has Dr Duke Pesta.

There is another educational forum this weekend in BlackRock park in Watertown CT that is free to attend & if at all possible you should make the effort to carpool down (bring the children if you need to they will have activities for them) so that you can learn & ask questions about Common Core.

Oct 5th is another Free Public Educational Forum this one is in BlackRock Park in Watertown CT - maybe the PTA members can carpool down so you guys can discuss what you learn & plan to use the information in your ongoing battles with the BoE members since it was under their watch that this was pushed onto our children & why there is the education gap that is increasing

Dr Tienken from Seton Hall will be the keynote speaker at this forum as well an educational attorney & others

Friday, September 5, 2014

Social Media Connections

Where are you in the Social Media world?

I think that one reason that people are so disconnected from the elected people is due to not being connected to them on a more personal level so there is no accountability between the people being elected & the citizens in our towns

I do want to change this & am looking for the best way to connect with the people in the 2nd District

In addition to this blog which has comments enabled I am on FaceBook & G+ & YouTube

I have opened up a 24/7 voicemail so that regardless of the time of day someone can call & leave me a message about what they think is a problem, a suggestion about what we should work on to improve life for all of us & any money saving ideas that we can look into & any potential fraud that might be needing to get looked at

Leave us some comments & let us get connected
Go ahead & give me a call 641-715-3900 ext 327977#

Some of my social network connections are listed here -> Social Media Page

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Primary Turnout Down From 2010 -

Primary Turnout Down From 2010 -

It was a rather sad state of affairs on primary day

Turnout for the Republican primary in some towns didn't even break the 100 voters mark.

Foley was the winner for the primary & this results in a rematch of the 2010 Foley vs Malloy Governors race

The question is how will the 3rd party candidates affect the race this year? The 2010 race gave many votes to the 3rd party candidate because they weren't happy with Foley, many conservatives have moved out of CT & have been replaced by more Liberals - the question is what will be done about the voter fraud that occurred in the last elections that was not addressed?

Some of the democrats got nasty in their bid for the primary in the 2nd district & resorted to property destruction bending over the Eric Coleman signs at the polling stations.

Eric Coleman did end up winning the election by 300+ votes this time, so it was a close race in the 3 way vote against him.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Unintended Consequences

Nice ideas can lead to very bad unintended consequences.

Our elected officials spend too little time asking the questions about how their new regulations & programs will affect working taxpaying people.

We need people in our elected offices that are willing to listen to the people & ask the questions when they consider making new regulations & programs what are the possible Unintended Consequences, as well as the question is this new regulation, mandate, program or project necessary both now & in the future.

This is an older video but the points are valid about how our federal government has created such a mess of our economy & country with quick well meaning programs that did not have much thought put into how it will affect taxpaying people & families.

This election year #YouHaveAChoice the status quo or a #FreshNewStart

Thursday, July 10, 2014

#YouHaveAChoice CT State Senate 2nd District

Are you tired of the career politicians not listening to you?

Would you like to have common sense restored to our state?

Are you tired of your taxes going up faster than your income?

Are you part of the political elite 1% class?

Then don't you feel that we need to get out of the cycle of electing rich attorneys & career politicians that make laws that raise our taxes & hurt our families?

You Have a Choice, by electing a woman who is part of "We the People" & has gotten tired of  the political elite ruling over us. 
Your clear choice is to elect Theresa Tillett to be your state senator to represent You & Your Family's Best Interests.

You Have a Choice, subscribe & connect via social media so we can discuss what we can do TOGETHER to get our state back to being the Prosperous State that it used to be. 

Democrat Rep.: "Have you looked at euthanasia?"

The democrat party is the party of death and destruction... How can a person that is claiming Christ remain in the current democrat party ...