Monday, November 28, 2016

Problematic Hartford Commissions

There is a serious problem going on down at Hartford's Town Hall
There are many commissions that do not have the full number of people that are mandated to have citizens of Hartford sitting on them.

When the new mayor took over he forced out prior to having replacements many of the republican commissioners. #BrokeBronin basically got rid of anyone who might oppose the plans that he & his wife have for Hartford taxpayers.

Meanwhile the citizens of Hartford are in fact suffering while the commissions like the Civilian Police Review Board do not meet in a Proper & Timely Manner

Below is a report by Rachel Baird of a recent trip to Hartford only to discover that the Commission Meeting had been cancelled because ONE person on the board was sick & unable to attend.

There are supposed to be 9 people on the board with a minimum of FIVE (5) people in attendance but ONLY 5 people are currently sitting on the board! There are FOUR (4) Missing Commissioners because #BrokeBronin is refusing to allow the correct number of people to be appointed on to it!

Are the people living in Hartford aware of this problem?
If they are why are they not demanding that these seats be filled with people from the community?
Have they been demanding that these seats be filled only to fall on the deaf ears of the mayor & his wife?

Where are the former commission members from all of the commissions that were removed & until their replacements are properly installed they need to be back in place this is why there is so much corruption going on in city hall, there is intentional dysfunction of the process.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Holiday Fun before Thanksgiving

While you're getting those last minute items ready for Feast Day tomorrow 
take a few minutes break & 
enjoy this bit of musical fun 
that combines both 
Christmas & Thanksgiving into one (0;}

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Native Americans For Trump #OpNoDapl Donald Trump And Republicans pleas...

People of all races are looking at Donald Trump;

As being the one person to change the way that things are being done because they think that being an outsider that Donald will not continue the policies of our current corrupt administration.

Donald seems to be the only one who is actually going out to the places that he hears there is a need for assistance.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Make Connecticut Great Again - UnclePhil2016 #4

"Uncle Phil" Balestriere for State Rep is another fine candidate looking to #FixCT & ReBuild it so that we can be great again.

#HadEnough ? 
Then this year do something different & #VoteRowBinCT

Tillett4CT CT Solutions - ReBuild CT

A youtube video I made
We can ReBuild CT but in order to Fix CT we must get rid of the career politicians that created the mess in the first place.

We have seen time after time, year after year the debt filled debacles in Hartford the broken promises & the outright lies told to us by the democrats in office.

Election Night - SNL 2016

Just had to share this video as we head into the final hours of election day 2018 Have a laugh while the votes are being counted, yes we ...