Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tapped - Water Wars in CT Now

This movie - documentary is a must watch by those whose water is coming from the MDC...

Niagara water will be affecting not just the wells in Bloomfield as it takes out the water from the water shed in that area 

but will also be removing the water from the MDC Reservoir so that our families will be paying more money for the water 
The water bottling plant is planning to make our families end up on water restrictions as this company breaks the natural water cycle. 

This is where Man Made Droughts come from... they used to teach about the water cycle in public schools - water comes down in rain, pools the extra not used by the plants & slowly evaporates into the sky & when enough water vapor is in the clouds to make them heavy the rain is released again

Not even mentioning the pollution that will occur as this plant plans to make plastic bottles right there at the facility they plan to build. 

If you want to protect the water that is OURS then you need to get active & start attending some of these town meetings & demand that the MDC Town Rep be held accountable. Demand that the MDC Town Rep report to your town council what is happening Each & Every Month not yearly or even quarterly but each & every month. So that your family is protected from this corporate attempt to steal our water.

Monday, April 4, 2016

August Wolf 01/14/2016 Part 1

August Wolf is running for US Senate against Richard #NoBlumenWay Blumenthal
He met with several citizens from various parts of the state to answer their questions in January.

Augie is a father of 4 teenage children & he is looking to make CT & the USA a better place for his children who are in high school & college.

 Currently he is the only Announced Candidate that has filed the paperwork to run.

There is a "Draft Jack" campaign for Jack Orchulli to run after Larry Kudlow said that he has decidd he will not run for the office this year.

Joe Visconti has filed the paperwork for "Exploratory" but hasn't announced that he is officially running yet.

There is the strong possibility that State Rep Dan Carter will be throwing his hat in the ring to run for the seat, he has stated that he will not run for re-election of his current seat.

We hope to be able to speak to the other candidates as they officially announce they have filed the paperwork to run. Those who are willing to meet with us will be recorded & posted as this interview session here has been.

It is important to ask the candidates questions & understand their positions to determine if you should be giving them your vote in the primaries & general election.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Libertarian Presidential Debate LIVE

John Stossel moderates the Libertarian Presidential Debate on the Fox Business Channel April 1st 2016

The 3 presidential candidates:

Gary Johnson - former Governor of New Mexico
John McAfee - Anti-Virus Software Development Company 
Austin Petersen - Founder of the Libertarian Republic

Live streamed by "LibertySource" the Libertarian Presidential Debate - they are actually having a real debate compared to both the #GOPDebate & the #DemDebate

Election Night - SNL 2016

Just had to share this video as we head into the final hours of election day 2018 Have a laugh while the votes are being counted, yes we ...