Friday, September 30, 2016

Senator Tony Hwang Interviews Champagne Joy

Senator Tony Hwang spent some time interviewing "Champagne Joy" about surviving cancer earlier this year.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & I thought that this video was a positive message to end the month of September with a positive note from a survivor as we head into October. 

Will I see you wearing Pink this coming month? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Diamond and Silk Call Wayne Dupree 8/25/16

Wayne Dupree & Diamond & Silk discussed the recent attacks by the left in their attempt to destroy & discredit both citizen reporters of the New Media as well as candidates Donald Trump & Mike Pence. Have you #HadEnough yet? Are you ready to try something different?

When the left has no solutions they Attack Personally in an attempt to Destroy the Opposition

Monday, September 19, 2016

Special On African American Conservatives - 4-8-13

Hannity had a special on air back in 2013 after Dr Ben Carson first got the attention of the public after he spoke against the policies of the democrats during a presidential breakfast.

That speech brought Dr Carson to the nation's attention because the left's talking heads went on air & publicly assassinated his character because he dared to speak up for old fashioned black family values on a national platform.

The group of Black Conservatives spoke about the history of racism & the attacks by the democrats upon any black that dares to not follow lock step with their oppressive plans for the blacks in the USA. The need for our community to have "Political" & "Financial" education so that we can gain power as black families.

The sad commentary that I would add in answering the question about why does the black community keep voting for the democrats rather than republicans as they used to do in the past, is that in recent years after so many years of allowing the democrats to tell the lies that the republicans are afraid to go into the communities where they need to be.

It is a self fulfilling prophecy when the republicans say why bother going into the community when they do not vote for us & the community of course is saying why should we vote for you when you are not coming to our community?

Isn't it time to spend some time getting to know each other & exchanging ideas & talking about the needed solutions to the problems? Quitting is NOT an option just because it is hard work & it's going to be difficult.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September End of Qtr MoneyBomb

We're coming to the end of the month & the end of the fundraising quarter.
We need your assistance to fight the Taxing Tyrants in Hartford.

Will you help us with a donation of $20.16 or more in our fight against the #TaxingTyranny of the democrats in our capitol hill?

These career politicians are well funded & working hard to keep their positions of power over us.
We are working towards bringing some sanity to our crazy capitol hill.
The career politicians have lost touch with the reality of what they do up there on capitol hill is hurting our families every day.
Do they think we all have money trees growing in our yards?

Taxes are hurting us as we pay increased prices for everything now to start with but on top of that our elected officials have added more taxes.
Oh they love to say it's just a little tax but it's slashing into our family budgets a thousand little slashes everyday.

We need YOUR Help to fight the career politicians in Hartford,

End of Mth 2016 MoneyBomb Star RWB
Show your support for Common Sense Spending & Balancing the State Budget with your social shares & your donation today.
 Help us get Theresa Tillett up to the Citizen's Election Qualification Funding Goal of $15,000.00 so that we can go into battle fully armed.
Thank You for Your Qualifying Donations.

Monday, September 12, 2016

August 2015 TTV National Call: DIY Election Integrity

There is still time for you to get involved if you are concerned about the integrity of the elections this year...

Below is a video from the group True the Vote which gives a general simple idea of how to get started in doing the research & getting involved watch & grab some friends & Get Involved!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mileage Tax Is Coming #HadEnough yet?

Hello Friends & Family both Near & Far; 

Yes I'm doing a repost of an earlier post because we're running out of time to qualify for CEP FUNDING this cycle

Have you #HadEnough yet?

I need your assistance to help STOP #MalloysMess with your word of mouth spreading the news about this new invasion into our families wallets!
My campaign is small compared to the goliath of the democrat machine that my opponent Eric Coleman has both in manpower & cash available to spend.

But we must not quit just because the odds are great & the fight is rough - I'm not a quitter & neither are you!
We must All do our part working together
to Fight the Good Fight,
Fighting Tooth & Nail,
Leaving It All On the Battlefield,
to #DefeatTheDemocrats

Gov. Malloy has thrown his support behind the Mileage Tax.

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who are writers to send letters to the editor and social media posts & memes stating that you oppose the enactment of this tax.
We must educate our friends & neighbors & coworkers about what is going to happen to us

This not only is a new tax but also is an example of government being able to monitor its residents every move via the gps recording your every trip...
to the store, to practices & classes for your children &
on trips your friends & family around the state & country.

We MUST Defeat the democrats this November otherwise this tax WILL Go In Place!
As you drive around the rest of this week I challenge you to think about how much It Will Cost You once this new tax is put into place. Every trip to & from work, to the store for food or parts for the DIY project or trips to pick up the children to & from games & practices, to church ...
EVERY TRIP Taxed by the Mile... Dannel & the Democrats will know where you've gone the route you took to get there & that is in addition to the nation's 3rd highest gas tax in the nation!!!

We are losing our freedoms daily & we MUST not sit home crumbling over dinner, 

We MUST Stand Up & Say NO MORE! 
We MUST Vote out the #TaxingTyranny

to Spread the Word,
to Donate what you can afford to the campaign
to Door Knock
to Call your friends & family
to Volunteer to work with the campaigns

Republicans have another way, there is the Better Plan the Senate Republicans put out regarding transportation.
Put out originally in 2015 & updated in Feb 2016

Help me to #FlipTheGeneralAssembly this November & #VoteRowB!

Share the post with your social networks & help us to #WinByWorkingTogether

Thank you
Theresa Tillett

*** Thank you for your support ***
Connect with us on our journey to the capitol on the web & social media;
Tillett for CT campaign


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