Saturday, March 26, 2016

Who is the Rotten Egg in CT? #MalloysMess - subscribe for updates

Just a little political humor as we head into Easter Sunday

Month End Fund Raising Money Bomb

We're coming to the end of the month & the end of the fund raising quarter We need your assistance to fight the Taxing Tyrants in Hartford.
Will you help us with a donation of $20.16 or more in our fight against the #TaxingTyranny of the democrats in our capitol hill?
These career politicians are well funded & working hard to keep their positions of power over us.
We are working towards bringing some sanity to our crazy capitol hill.
The career politicians have lost touch with the reality of what they do up there on capitol hill is hurting our families every day.
Do they think we all have money trees growing in our yards?

Taxes are hurting us as we pay increased prices for everything now to start with but on top of that our elected officials have added more taxes.
Oh they love to say it's just a little tax but it's slashing into our family budgets a thousand little slashes everyday.

We need YOUR Help to fight the career politicians in Hartford,

End of Mth 2016 MoneyBomb Star RWB
Show your support for Common Sense Spending & Balancing the State Budget with your social shares & your donation today.
 Help us get Theresa Tillett up to the Citizen's Election Qualification Funding Goal of $15,000.00 so that we can go into battle fully armed.
Thank You for Your Qualifying Donations.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Monday, March 21, 2016

2016 Windsor Shad Derby Festival Events

The many Shad Derby Festival Events are kicking off already
So take some time & have some fun as we head into Shad Derby Season in Windsor!
Hope to see you at some of the events

Friday, March 18, 2016

Tax Increases in CT Chases Away Jobs

Many jobs are being lost in CT when companies declare layoffs. 
When looking at which branches & offices to close or consolidate the bottomline is that the companies do what is best for them.

To cut expenses they shut the doors of the CT locations because economically for them it makes sense to leave a state with high taxes & high costs to do business.

We have very few actual small business owners, farmers & working class people in our elected offices now so the elected officials have no interest in caring how their increasing taxes hurts not just the economy but the entire state of CT.

The elected officials do not seem to care that as those who have the ability to leave are doing so at an alarming rate while there is no decrease in the number of people who need public services that are funded by the taxpaying businesses & working families.

At some point in the very near future there just will not be the taxpayer base to pay for all of the services or the special projects that the elected have forced us into.

We are very near that point as it is but CT has been borrowing money to pay it's bills... 
What happens when CT will no longer be extended credit?
How will CT pay it's bills?

Will the democrats in office that keep adding more mouths to feed to our state welfare rolls start pitting the citizen welfare recipient against the refugee & illegal welfare recipients who are given more rights than those who have been here since slave days?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Heritage Action Presidential Forum: Take Back America

As we approach the April 26th Primary date where we in CT will be going to the polls to decide who will be holding the party banner on to victory in November I've decided to remind us of what the candidates had to say in 2015.

So as I find them online I will be posting any & all debates & forums so that you can watch take notes & decide... 

Who best represents you & your family's best interests in a responsible manner. 
Is your candidate choice still in the running? Be certain to support your candidates during the primary.

Today's presentation is the video of the 5+ hours from the Heritage Action Presidential Forum back in Sept of 2015. 

It's not actually a debate because each candidate is on stage by themselves with the moderator & panel on the 2 sides & taking questions from both the panel & the audience. 
This gives us time to see what the candidate has to say without all of the debate moderators "gotcha now fight" style questioning which has been rampant in the early 2015 debates looking for ratings & catfights on stage.

The best way to watch this video is really to start playing it minimize the window & then while you're listening do your other work. The first 10 or so minutes are informational about Heritage Action so if you do not know who they are you can watch that prior to minimizing the window.

The video didn't come through so let me try again

Election Night - SNL 2016

Just had to share this video as we head into the final hours of election day 2018 Have a laugh while the votes are being counted, yes we ...