Monday, February 23, 2015

The Insiders: How and Why America Is Being Betrayed | John F. McManus

This video is one of those which you need to sit down with paper & pen to take notes

John F McManus has written a few books & in this video he is speaking about his book "The Insiders"

History is being rewritten by people who have an agenda & the general public is too busy to notice & the younger generations aren't aware that they have not been told the whole truth about events & the reasons why events occurred.

A result of this lack of knowledge people are easily led astray from our guiding principles & the Constitution. Where we used to have pride in our country & homeownership was a family goal our families are broken & homeownership is being attacked as being an evil thing for people to pursue. When was the last time that you read an older book to refresh yourself on our history? Do you think maybe it's time to start rebuilding your library at home?

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