Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Revenge of the WoodChuck 2015

With the snow & cold temps continuing into what is on the calendar showing as spring... 
I have come to the conclusion that we are suffering from the "Revenge of the WoodChucks" aka GroundHogs who are sick & tired of being awakened from their winter slumber each & every Feb 2nd lol

Next year let's just let the poor critters SLEEP!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mom from China ~ Common Core in U.S. same as Communist Core in China

This mother explains to the board why she is upset about what she sees with Common Core.
Lily Williams is a mother of 3 she immigrated to America for FREEDOM after escaping from Communist China.
She is shocked that the USA has turned away from Freedom & is turning to Communist Indoctrination of our children like China has been doing.

Think about what she is saying.
Ask yourself do you value Freedom or do you want to live under Tyranny of Communism?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dems Love to Add More Scary Taxes

CT democrats are once again working on raising taxes at both the local & state levels. Even our federal elected democrats are talking of raising taxes - what do they care about us working taxpaying families having to struggle all of our elected democrats are WEALTHY

Being spoken of this time is robbing the children with additional taxes being added to their candy

It wasn't bad enough that they were trying to steal their chocolate milk last session, now they attack children again.

The democrats just do not like children I guess because now they are talking of taxing candy & a NYC Style Big Gulp Tax on soda.

Children do not VOTE so taxing their candy, stealing their milk & taxing their dead grandparents is all fair game in the democrat books.

It's also come to our attention that CT Democrats do not like dogs & cats either.
They are working against building a new Animal Shelter in Windsor because they feel it's fine to build Expensive Horse Shoe Pits & Luxury Rentals upon former nuclear sites
(hey what do democrats care about the potential harm to children that nuclear contamination can do after all poor children do not vote)
Profits for their Rich Developer friends but the democrats want to kick out out of town the dogs & cats in need when they (democrats) voted to destroy the Windsor Animal Shelter that is currently there...
Sounds like Profits over People & Pets is the democrat way

Friday, March 6, 2015

Daylight Saving Time Explained - Spring Forward

It's that time of year again

That quirky DayLight Savings Time thing where our sleep schedules get screwed up for a week

Reminder for Safety - Put new batteries into your Smoke & Fire Alarms & Test Them

Here is a quick video explaining a little bit about our crazy time management system where we actually think we can "Save Time"

This video is an explanation of DayLight Savings Time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

CL&P Changing Name & Changing Countries

Just a quick RANT

Is Anyone Else just a little bit pissed off that our electric Utility Company is No Longer a CT Utility Company but Now Our Electric Company will be Owned By a Foreign Nation?

This is not like a cell phone or any other service where you have a choice in the matter to buy American or not - this is a utility where there is NO CHOICE

Why do we citizens who are paying the utility bills not have a say in this matter?

Why are our Public Utilities being Sold Off to Foreign Nations?

Monday, March 2, 2015

Save Us Chuck - Stupid Laws (Connecticut)

Chuck Woolery of TV Fame has a series called "Save Us Chuck" in which he discusses politics & news in his unique wit & style

A popular segment that he touches on are some of the Stupid or Crazy Sounding Laws

Sometimes these laws are old outdated laws that are still on the books

Other times it's the crazy new laws that are being put forward by our current elected officials

Regardless of which type of laws Chuck decides to highlight in his 1 minute Truth Breaks, you are certain to laugh as you listen & say to yourself "Hey he's got a point there"

Check out his videos on youtube & visit his website

Democrat Rep.: "Have you looked at euthanasia?"

The democrat party is the party of death and destruction... How can a person that is claiming Christ remain in the current democrat party ...