Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Be Safe this Halloween 2017

Enjoy this short little video I made last year

Be Safe while you go out to Trick or Treat
& have your Halloween Fun - 

Remember to: 
Wear light colors & bring flashlights so you can see & be seen 
Walk on the sidewalks not in the streets
Try to go out in groups together

Never Go Inside the House of a stranger

Wait to eat the treats until you get home & are able to check the wrappers for tampering in the full light - sadly there are people out there who have tampered with the candy in years past

Monday, October 30, 2017

Bernie Sanders - Halloween 2015

Halloween Silliness 

This is from back in 2015 but it's still funny... 
Especially since we avoided the real nightmare... 
that we could have had...
 Bernie as our actual president

Friday, October 27, 2017

What is this?

Sometimes life is crazier than fiction.
This video is  one of those times when you watch & just say "Huh?"

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

State Senator Michael McLachlan Override the Veto Danbury Press Conferen...

State Senator Michael McLachlan is 
fighting hard to save money for our families 
and working hard to #FixCT

The general assembly caucuses are currently working on a new budget 

but from what is leaking out it still sounds like the original Balanced Budget that was passed and then vetoed by the governor is much better for all.

 - #OverRideTheVeto - 
Call Your Elected Officials 
and Tell them ...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

TBT - Liberty Unplugged - Political Television Ad

History is repeating itself with the #DemocratsRaisingTaxesAgain

Our families are struggling...
 but they just do not seem to care how much our families are hurting...

They have their cushie benefits they do not care about our families
Their political crony friends push out fear mongering half truths and outright lies about the balanced budget that the governor vetoed... 

Call the elected officials and tell them 


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Censorship is not good but right now it is going strong to the detriment of all.
This is being done by a select few who stand to profit as well as control the peoples of the world.

All Speech is protected in the USA even if it's speech that you do not agree with... 

Actually the reason for the First Amendment was to protect Unpopular Speech (including reporters aka "The Press") because people need to be able to express their thoughts and report on the events going on around them without fear of their voices being shut down by government officials... 

Sadly people who aren't being taught the history about the Constitution and the reasons why things were written in a certain manner are now failing to understand why Free Speech is so important.

The war that is raging against new social media company Gab.Ai is an attempt to shut down free speech that was created due to the problems on facebook and twitter with their censorship of voices that people did not want to hear. 

The big monopolies (Google, Twitter, Facebook etc etc) are now working together to shut down the start up company that was quickly growing as more people were leaving the social media companies that were allowing the leftists to rule as bullies shutting down truths and voices that they did not want to hear... 
These big corporations must not be allowed to shut down the people's voices by their actions 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Senator Witkos and Senator Miner Overide the Veto Press Conference Torri...


There should be a Town Hall Meeting 
Crying Out for the General Assembly to 
Override the Veto  #MalloysMess 



Why are the State Senators and State Reps from Hartford hurting our families? 
Why are they NOT Fighting for CT Families;
Our Children, Our Veterans & Our Seniors? 

Why is Taxpayers Money going into their Campaign Coffers more important than...
 funds to pay for Care for Kids daycare funding, 
Meals on Wheels which feed our Seniors & Low Income Disabled Adults or 
funding for Military Funerals?

SHAME on the #DemocratsHurtingFamilies




Democrat Rep.: "Have you looked at euthanasia?"

The democrat party is the party of death and destruction... How can a person that is claiming Christ remain in the current democrat party ...