Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Help Fight for the Full Withdrawal from Common Core #StopCommonCore 2/3/15

Parents across the country are fighting tooth & nail to remove & repeal the entire common core program from their states.

In CT the movement is more active in the southern suburban towns than in the northern towns ... the urban parents do not seem to be knowledgeable about what common core actually is & the northern parents appear to be too busy to question exactly what is going on

The governors race last year showed that support for the 3rd candidate running (Republican Joe Visconti who ran as a petitioning candidate against Democrat Gov. Malloy & Republican Tom Foley) was due in large part to his support of repealing common core.

Repealing common core seems to be a national election issue which the local elections in CT has not yet picked up on.  
When will the parents in CT start fighting for their children's education & demand that common core be stopped?

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