Thursday, September 4, 2014

Primary Turnout Down From 2010 -

Primary Turnout Down From 2010 -

It was a rather sad state of affairs on primary day

Turnout for the Republican primary in some towns didn't even break the 100 voters mark.

Foley was the winner for the primary & this results in a rematch of the 2010 Foley vs Malloy Governors race

The question is how will the 3rd party candidates affect the race this year? The 2010 race gave many votes to the 3rd party candidate because they weren't happy with Foley, many conservatives have moved out of CT & have been replaced by more Liberals - the question is what will be done about the voter fraud that occurred in the last elections that was not addressed?

Some of the democrats got nasty in their bid for the primary in the 2nd district & resorted to property destruction bending over the Eric Coleman signs at the polling stations.

Eric Coleman did end up winning the election by 300+ votes this time, so it was a close race in the 3 way vote against him.

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