Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Common Core - who do you believe CT?

 Listen to what they are saying & ask yourself does this make sense & who do you really believe those who are profiting from this or those who are directly being affected by this?

Think I'll believe the parents & students & teachers & professionals who aren't being paid to promote the program; I suggest that you start paying attention & start asking questions.
Dr Sandra Stotsky has come to CT on several occasions to warn CT parents against & about Common Core, as has Dr Duke Pesta.

There is another educational forum this weekend in BlackRock park in Watertown CT that is free to attend & if at all possible you should make the effort to carpool down (bring the children if you need to they will have activities for them) so that you can learn & ask questions about Common Core.

Oct 5th is another Free Public Educational Forum this one is in BlackRock Park in Watertown CT - maybe the PTA members can carpool down so you guys can discuss what you learn & plan to use the information in your ongoing battles with the BoE members since it was under their watch that this was pushed onto our children & why there is the education gap that is increasing


Dr Tienken from Seton Hall will be the keynote speaker at this forum as well an educational attorney & others

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