Monday, October 6, 2014

Test of Fire: Election 2012 (Official HD Version - Catholic)

This is a political ad from the 2012 election cycle that was brought to my attention
This year the ads in CT have been a year of Nasty Attacks which people are getting sick & tired of.
What people want is to hear & see what do we candidates plan to do to get our state back on track
Where do we candidates stand on the issues

We candidates need to be able to contrast ourselves from our opponents with out attacking & name calling. Stick to the RECORD, stick to any Plans Proposed but leave the family dirty laundry out of the debates when trying to get the people's votes.

Being nasty or digging up dirt about personal family members that has nothing to do with the job of being an elected official - divorces are never pleasant & to drag out what happened years ago although available for public record is wrong & only hurts the innocent children who have to relive a horrific time in their family's life

Let's ALL Pledge Republican, Independent & Democrat as Candidates this year to Run On The Records or Plans & Stop the Attacks that hurt the children in debates & ads & social media


"Ziggy" as he is lovingly called is an Immigrant that LOVES the USA and has been seen around CT for several years at public event...