Sunday, October 5, 2014

#CTPolitics - Are you Paying Attention? #2ndDistrict

As I'm going around the 2nd District I am amazed at how many young people are not paying any attention to what is going on in our cities & towns.

Most of those who aren't paying attention have never attended a single Public Meeting at the Town Hall
About 1/3rd of those I've spoken to weren't registered to vote but were actually able to get registered

The majority of those who are registered to vote they only vote for the Presidential elections...
I confess when I was young & single & a renter I did fall into the category of voting only in the "big elections"
I went out to vote for president & if I remembered I went out to vote for the governor but the rest of the time not so much time & energy was paid to make that effort

I know that until we became homeowners that I had never gone out to vote on the budget

It can be discouraging to see & hear so many young people that are disengaged in our political process
I did give a couple of the young people the mail in form to get registered to vote
I hope that they will get out the vote this year

When we fail to Vote we Lose Our Voice in what is happening
So I hope that as we are in the last few weeks prior to elections you will get active in paying attention to the events
Get educated on the issues & #GOTV Get Out The Vote

#CT #YouHaveAChoice you can chose the status quo or you can become part of the #CTComeBack
Chose to go in a #NewDirection & vote for a #FreshNewStart


"Ziggy" as he is lovingly called is an Immigrant that LOVES the USA and has been seen around CT for several years at public event...