Wednesday, October 28, 2015

GOP Debate: The Rap

It's almost time for the next #GOPDebate... so lets have some fun while we wait for the real fun to begin. 

Are you going to be attending a #DebateWatchingParty ? 
I had the fun of watching the last debate with a group of classmates. It was quite fun to be in a room full of people laughing, commenting, booing & on occasions gasping.

All the while our group were actively playing on our various social media arenas chit chatting about what was being said both online as well as offline among us.

Grab some friends & have some fun getting educated about the candidates & watch the culling of the field. Pay attention to the moderators & their line of questioning.

Will it be another beat up on Trump event or will this debate be about asking actual questions to get to what the candidates actually have for a plan to #MakeTheUSAGreatAgain ?

We have lost 2 candidates since the last debates, both former governors Rick Perry & Scott Walker have closed up their campaigns. So with Carly F. moving up to the big stage there were only 4 men on the stage for the #HappyHourDebate2 . That debate was not watched by as many people  as were watching the 1st one... from the sounds of it there may not be a #HappyHourDebate3 ? 

Maybe with so many people on the "Big Stage" instead of having 11 they can cut the field to 12 being allowed to debate & split it 6 to 6 on stage? 
Let the poll choices be the guide we already know the bottom 4 need to sort out who is going to remain & the least favored in the polls from the remaining 10 on the big stage. 
Poll rankings since the debates started should be the guide to pick the top 12.


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