Friday, October 30, 2015

House of Cards Season 3: 3 Lessons for the Voting Public | House of Card...

This Freedom Friday is a lesson about who are the people that we are electing for office...

Are we electing men & women from the "Political Class" who are making their choices based upon attaining & keeping power for themselves 
or ...
Are we electing men & women who are coming out of our working class who are sick & tired of the status quo & are looking to change what is happening in our nation at the local, state & national levels? 

In only a few short days we will be heading to the voting booths & while the news coverage has been focused mostly upon our presidential candidates it is the local & state level officials that most directly affect our lives.

Do you know who all of the candidates are? Many times the news will focus upon their favored candidate & neglect to tell you about the other candidates that are running. Are you choosing the candidates that the media want you to choose or are you choosing the candidate that is not so well known or liked by the media but is from the working class & knows how hard it is living in the current oppressive conditions created by the career elite politicians"

Do you know what the issues are? Have you taken the time to question just how important is it to you to have the things that the career elite politicians are promoting vs what is in fact the true important needs for YOUR family?

Do you know where each of the candidates stand upon the issues & why they are putting forward a program? 

Do you have the ability to actually "Talk" to the people who are running for the offices or are they out of reach & out of touch with the regular people like you?

 #YouHaveAChoice the status quo 
or a #FreshNewStart Choose Wisely 
because #ElectionsHaveConsequences


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