Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Heritage Action Presidential Forum: Take Back America

As we approach the April 26th Primary date where we in CT will be going to the polls to decide who will be holding the party banner on to victory in November I've decided to remind us of what the candidates had to say in 2015.

So as I find them online I will be posting any & all debates & forums so that you can watch take notes & decide... 

Who best represents you & your family's best interests in a responsible manner. 
Is your candidate choice still in the running? Be certain to support your candidates during the primary.

Today's presentation is the video of the 5+ hours from the Heritage Action Presidential Forum back in Sept of 2015. 

It's not actually a debate because each candidate is on stage by themselves with the moderator & panel on the 2 sides & taking questions from both the panel & the audience. 
This gives us time to see what the candidate has to say without all of the debate moderators "gotcha now fight" style questioning which has been rampant in the early 2015 debates looking for ratings & catfights on stage.

The best way to watch this video is really to start playing it minimize the window & then while you're listening do your other work. The first 10 or so minutes are informational about Heritage Action so if you do not know who they are you can watch that prior to minimizing the window.

The video didn't come through so let me try again


"Ziggy" as he is lovingly called is an Immigrant that LOVES the USA and has been seen around CT for several years at public event...