Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dinesh Dsouza's Hillary's America Leaked

Have you seen the movie "Hillary's America" yet?

I went with a group of friends (one family of 4 included just graduated teens) to see the movie on Sunday opening weekend. It was very worth going to see it in the theater on the big screen not just with your conservative friends & family but show it to some of your teens & college aged young adults & your liberal family & friends. 

Dinesh Dsouza spoke during a break at the RNC at the InfoWars news studio & explains what the film is about.

The DVD will be released on October 11th, you can preorder it now at Not certain if they'll be selling the video in the actual stores some of his videos & books they do & others they choose not to. 

If you pre-order it; have it sent to the store for pick up & maybe that will encourage them to have a supply in stock for the rest of the public to purchase too. I have never seen 2016 Obama's America in the local WalMarts but I was able to buy the dvd of his movie America. 
Hopefully this dvd will be in the stores so that it will be available to the general public.


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