Thursday, April 13, 2017

Increased security at West Hartford synagogue - a reminder

With the events at the Christian churches 
being under attack over in Egypt 
during this Holy Season 
for both Jewish and Christian Faiths... 
We should remember that those types of events,
 could very well occur here in our quiet state of CT...

This news report was from right here in CT not so long ago...

While most people;
 99% of any race, religion or creed are good people...
it's the crazy 1% that do harm 
so the homeland security saying 

"If You See Something Say Something" 
should be kept in the back of your mind...

Keep your eyes and ears open and 
if something looks out of place 
or doesn't seem quite right 
follow your gut instincts
and speak up to a local security or police officer

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