Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Special Elections State Rep Dist 7 & 68 #nq

Did you Vote Today?

Not much has been mentioned in the news for the 2 special elections...

District 7 & 68 for the state rep seats that were vacated when the state reps won their bids in Feb for State Senate, which now leaves 2 house seats to be filled tonight when the votes are counted... I've not yet heard the results but they are pending now the polls closed at 8pm

There was no republican candidate for the 7th district seat so the race is between a democrat & a far left Working Families Party union promoting new comer

If you live in the district I hope that you got out & VOTED for the democrat... the lesser of 2 evils in the race... unless of course you enjoy paying higher taxes to the unions

I can't comment on the race in the 68th district since I don't live in the area and haven't bothered to read about the candidates for that race because... 

I've been paying attention to the craziness going on with the state budget and how it affects the towns in their budgeting process... some towns are holding off their budget votes until after the session ends on June 7th

I did ask most of the town council members; including the mayor & deputy mayor and our town manager, if it would be possible to hold off on the initial budget vote until AFTER the June 7th general assembly session ending like some other towns were doing.

The general answer that I was given is "we'll have to look at that as a possibility" and a vote on that may come out on that this week on Wednesday night's meeting. The town charter only states that a budget vote has to happen prior to June 30th so there is enough time to be able to hold off on the first vote until after the session ends. 

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