Monday, March 16, 2015

Dems Love to Add More Scary Taxes

CT democrats are once again working on raising taxes at both the local & state levels. Even our federal elected democrats are talking of raising taxes - what do they care about us working taxpaying families having to struggle all of our elected democrats are WEALTHY

Being spoken of this time is robbing the children with additional taxes being added to their candy

It wasn't bad enough that they were trying to steal their chocolate milk last session, now they attack children again.

The democrats just do not like children I guess because now they are talking of taxing candy & a NYC Style Big Gulp Tax on soda.

Children do not VOTE so taxing their candy, stealing their milk & taxing their dead grandparents is all fair game in the democrat books.

It's also come to our attention that CT Democrats do not like dogs & cats either.
They are working against building a new Animal Shelter in Windsor because they feel it's fine to build Expensive Horse Shoe Pits & Luxury Rentals upon former nuclear sites
(hey what do democrats care about the potential harm to children that nuclear contamination can do after all poor children do not vote)
Profits for their Rich Developer friends but the democrats want to kick out out of town the dogs & cats in need when they (democrats) voted to destroy the Windsor Animal Shelter that is currently there...
Sounds like Profits over People & Pets is the democrat way


"Ziggy" as he is lovingly called is an Immigrant that LOVES the USA and has been seen around CT for several years at public event...