Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ask Questions Then Ponder the Answers Windsor Voters

I was watching the people who came in & went into the polling station in Windsor on Tuesday May 12th
& it was interesting to see just how many people who showed up to vote actually didn't even know why they were there & what the answers would mean if they made one of 2 choices

A YES vote = Higher Taxes due to the Board of Ed's Outrageous Spending

A No Vote = There has to be a new look at the budget by the Town Council & Board of Ed

Have you taken the time to look at the budget & question the items which the Board of Ed has  demanded for us to pay & asked "WHY"?

Do you know what our Board of Ed is spending the money on? Take a minute to consider what Jonathan Pelto (a democrat) has to say about what is happening across the state in regards to the expensive, abusive, experimental program called Common Core...
"So Connecticut parents and taxpayers;
When you are being abused or hearing about children and parents being abused and harassed for opting out of the unfair and discriminatory Common Core SBAC test or when you are paying more in taxes and watching important school programs and services cut, now that thanks to our elected and appointed  officials we are pissing away $100,000,000.00 a year forcing children to take a test that will tell us that students from rich families tend to do better and student from poor families tend to do worse on standardized tests."

Can you afford an out of control Board of Ed that spends money without consideration of the costs for both our taxpaying families now but also in the future 3, 5 even 10 years down the road?

Can you afford to allow an out of control Board of Ed to experiment with your children's education with implementing programs that do not work & are profiting big corporations but giving our children a substandard education as is being proven time & again with the common core nt only here in Windsor but across the nation?

Can you afford to not start asking questions about why the Board of Ed so divided & why the democrats are refusing to answer the questions that the republican BoE members are asking?

Can you afford to keep granting more & more money to the Board of Ed when they are mismanaging the money they already been given over the years?

If you are tired of paying more & more in taxes while not seeing results in education & reductions in town services then it is time for you to call the town hall & tell them to #StopTheOutOfControlBoardOfEd & make cuts to the budget on the Board of Ed side of the budget & Vote NO until we have a Zero Based Budget that clearly states where the money is being spent & explains exactly where the money is going


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