Monday, September 19, 2016

Special On African American Conservatives - 4-8-13

Hannity had a special on air back in 2013 after Dr Ben Carson first got the attention of the public after he spoke against the policies of the democrats during a presidential breakfast.

That speech brought Dr Carson to the nation's attention because the left's talking heads went on air & publicly assassinated his character because he dared to speak up for old fashioned black family values on a national platform.

The group of Black Conservatives spoke about the history of racism & the attacks by the democrats upon any black that dares to not follow lock step with their oppressive plans for the blacks in the USA. The need for our community to have "Political" & "Financial" education so that we can gain power as black families.

The sad commentary that I would add in answering the question about why does the black community keep voting for the democrats rather than republicans as they used to do in the past, is that in recent years after so many years of allowing the democrats to tell the lies that the republicans are afraid to go into the communities where they need to be.

It is a self fulfilling prophecy when the republicans say why bother going into the community when they do not vote for us & the community of course is saying why should we vote for you when you are not coming to our community?

Isn't it time to spend some time getting to know each other & exchanging ideas & talking about the needed solutions to the problems? Quitting is NOT an option just because it is hard work & it's going to be difficult.


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