Thursday, July 10, 2014

#YouHaveAChoice CT State Senate 2nd District

Are you tired of the career politicians not listening to you?

Would you like to have common sense restored to our state?

Are you tired of your taxes going up faster than your income?

Are you part of the political elite 1% class?

Then don't you feel that we need to get out of the cycle of electing rich attorneys & career politicians that make laws that raise our taxes & hurt our families?

You Have a Choice, by electing a woman who is part of "We the People" & has gotten tired of  the political elite ruling over us. 
Your clear choice is to elect Theresa Tillett to be your state senator to represent You & Your Family's Best Interests.

You Have a Choice, subscribe & connect via social media so we can discuss what we can do TOGETHER to get our state back to being the Prosperous State that it used to be.