Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Will You Be A Torchbearer?

The "We the People" written of in our Declaration of Independence means You & Me as USA Citizens are an ACTIVE part of our government. 

We must attend our government meetings at town hall & at our state capitol. 
We must be educated & informed about the issues so as voters we can make our decisions based upon the facts not merely emotional reactions by those who know how to play on our heartstrings. 

It also means that we must all take some of our time & energy & assist those candidates with our time & some money (but most importantly with our time) so that our friends & neighbors get to know the men & women who are working to make our state & country a better place for us all to live. 

Can you spare $5 to $10 & a few hours a month to help make our cities & towns in CT a better place? 

Would you like to take part in #MakingCTGreatAgain ?

Then be a Torchbearer for one of the candidates who is working hard to change the downward spiral that has been happening for so many years in CT.

30+ years of the Failed Tax & Raise taxes Again Agenda of the One Party Democrat Controlled General Assembly. #NowIsTheTime to join #TeamWeThePeople

Call us to get connected with #TeamTillett 
Come & work with her to make Hartford County Great Again 
We all want a better place to live to raise our children.
We all want jobs that pay wages we can live with
We all want safe secure affordable housing of our own

Come help make that happen. 
We're building the foundation now for a winning team & we're looking for #Torchbearers Like YOU & Your Family to help lead the way to #Prosperity 

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