Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July End of Month Money Bomb

We're coming to the end of the month and the start of the heavy election season
We need your assistance to fight the Taxing Tyrants in Hartford.
Will you help us with a donation of $20.16 or more in our fight against the #TaxingTyranny of the democrats in our capitol hill?

These career politicians are well funded and working hard to keep their positions of power over us.
We are working towards bringing some sanity to our crazy capitol hill.
The career politicians have lost touch with the reality of what they do up there on capitol hill is hurting our families every day.
Do they think we all have money trees growing in our yards?

Taxes are hurting us as we pay increased prices for everything now to start with but on top of that our elected officials have added more taxes.
Oh they love to say it's just a little tax but it's slashing into our family budgets a thousand little slashes everyday.

We need YOUR Help to fight the career politicians in Hartford,

Have you #HadEnough yet?
Show your support for Common Sense Spending and Balancing the State Budget with your social shares and your donation today.

Help us get Theresa Tillett up to the Citizen's Election Qualification Funding Goals so that we can go into battle fully armed.

Thank You for Your Qualifying Donations.